Trimble is a company that deals with everything related to logistics. This company has developed an online portal called Peoplenet Fleet Manager or PFMLogin that will meet all your transportation needs. The PFMLogin online portal is PeopleNet Trimble’s hassle-free transportation service.


You no longer have to personally advise the delivery team, this PFMLogin application connects you directly to all available drivers in real-time. With the PFMLogin online portal account, fleet activity has become even easier. It’s an all-in-one hub that puts you in control.

PFMLogin Benefits

As soon as you have access to the Peoplenet Fleet Manager (PFM) login account. Then you will get many amazing benefits and features through the PFMLogin portal.

Here is a list of all the benefits of PFMLogin:

  • The PFMLogin portal allows you to upload/send information from one controller to another.
  • This web portal offers a map of the vehicles.
  • All vehicles can be tracked on a map via
  • You can also avoid data discovery.
  • After logging into PFMLogin, you will find all the details in the Peoplenet Driver Center.
  • The PFMLogin portal helps you to view the list of vehicles.
  • PFMLogin mobile offers access to all information.

PFMLogin - logistics

  • Search optimization also allows you to verify the location, dates and orientation of each vehicle.
  • Do you have access to the PFM mobile app to track package status and location directly from the logistics vehicle?
  • Helps in effective coordination with owners and operators.
  • Easy management of data sets for drivers, working hours, etc.
  • Simple notification of order completion.

An online pfMLogin account connects to the store, where you can easily track things, orders, and more. We know that this is not enough. Continue reading this article to learn more about the PeopleNet online registration portal.